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Magplane Technology, Inc. ("MTI"), is the developer of the Magplane system. Based in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA, the company was founded in the mid-1990s by a group of MIT engineers who developed the basic Magplane concept. The company has focused in developing projects, leading engineering support:
> China

Global Business Development


China Market

To save its stagnant economy, China government dedicated so much effort to reform its economic system and political framework in last several decades.

US Market

From 1980 to 1990, the fastest percentage growing transportation market in the United States, by a two to one margin, was commuters who travel between metropolitan regions versus commuters who travel within the metropolis.

Future Market

The Information Age is the result of the convergence of computer and digital communications that permit instant worldwide transmission of voice, text, data and images.



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Dr. D. B. Montgomery

CTO and acting CEO

Dr. Montgomery is a recognized expert in the generation of magnetic fields for applications including magnetic levitation and propulsion, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and nuclear fusion confinement devices. His book on Solenoid Magnet Design, first published in 1969 remains a standard reference in the field.

Mr. Binson Du


Prior to joining Magplane, Mr. Du was active in several China and US industries in management, marketing, and public relations roles. He took important positions in many companies including: Wuhan Rubber Product Factory, Janus Disk Company USA, Junefield Consulting Service Company, Korea Panel Company, Guo Kang Pharmaceutical Development Company, and Well-Star Computer Security & Protection Technology.


Magplane has selected a strong team of sub-contractors who have extensive prior experience in rail and transit, or in maglev system development. DMJM Harris/Faber Maunsell, SNC-Lavalin and IBI Group are large engineering firms with extensive experience in design and construction management of rail and transit systems.

  • > System Responsibilities.
  • > Magplev Specific Design Responsibilities.


Magplane is accepting resumes for the following positions and will contact applicants as positions become available. Here are the positions:

  • > Maglev Engineers.
  • > Mechanical Design Engineers.
  • > Electrical Engineers.

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